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Yummy Mummies (a.k.a. Halloweenies)


Yummy Mummies by Michelle Tam

Halloween is a BIG DEAL in our household. It’s not just because our neighborhood is notorious for throwing itself into the ghastly spirit of the holiday, or because my kids are aspiring Hollywood monster make-up artists. It’s not even because Henry proposed to me 16 years ago on the most special date he could think of: Halloween night. 

It’s ’cause we love scaring the living daylights out of people.

Really. Every Halloween, while the boys strike terror in the hearts of our neighbors…

Yummy Mummies by Michelle Tam

…Henry strings up fake skulls in front of our house, and cackles when trick-or-treaters are too freaked out to approach the front door.

Yummy Mummies by Michelle Tam

As for me, scaring people is a year-round avocation. I’m the kind of mommy who likes to crouch behind doors and corners until my unsuspecting children amble by—AND THEN SUDDENLY JUMP OUT AND SHRIEK IN THEIR FACES. They scream; I laugh and point.

(To be fair, they do this to me, too. But I’m scarier and better at hiding.)

Yummy Mummies by Michelle Tam

Being a fearmonger is hard work, though, so I like to make sure our entire family fuels up with creepy edibles before heading into the night to sow panic and dread.

The only problem? Halloween’s become all about ingesting sugar bombs and sweet treats. Finding a Halloween-themed recipe that’s suitably spooky and Paleo-friendly is more difficult than trying to figure out why Michael Myers is wearing Captain Kirk’s face. But this just made me more determined to come up with a savory Halloween dish. 

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These look tasty as all get out.

Also, I want to be that kind of mommy when I grow up.

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